#2 Inception

Numbers. Numbers. Numbers. That’s the key to sudoku. The numbers.

The greatest masters of the numbers lived in ancient times. The Egyptian pyramids could hardly have been created without numbers. Each item had its exact location. There were not two identical cubes that could be interchanged, so they managed to create the miracle. There was only one solution to this miracle. If the items are placed exactly in their place.


Sudoku is a game that also has only one solution.

Sudoku is the abbreviation of a Japanese term, namely: 数字 は 独身 に 限 る. Anyone who speaks Japanese is easy to read who does not speak, it is also a help for pronunciation: suji va dokusin ni kagiru. A means that “digits can only be entered once”.


The game became popular worldwide since 2005, although it was in Japan already in 1984 and was first published in Nikoli magazine as a crossword puzzle to solve. Because of its name, or not, but it has a huge fan basein in the country of the rising sun .

Interestingly, although the name of the game is of Japanese origin, the idea is not from Japan. The popular version of the game today was made by American Howard Garns in 1979 and is sold by American Dell Magazines with the name “Number Place”.


Similar look-alike, but different rules can be used to play crosswords before. In a French newspaper, a predecessor of Sudoku appeared in 1892, in which the 9×9 cell was broken into 3×3 blocks. There were still multi-digit numbers, and the cell filling rule was different.

The first known sudoku crossword versions are now available in america, but the origin of the game is not considered. Sudoku is a special Latin square, which is Latin because letters have to be written in cells instead of numbers. Because of his work on Latin squares, many think that the original idea of the game is the 18th century. century Leonhard Euler from Swiss mathematics.


His name can be familiar to those who have been watching a little bit of math and physics classes. They know what Euler’s number is.

So if you are asked to say three things that are related to famous scientists, then be Albert Einstein and the formula “E = m * c”, Nikola Tesla and SpaceX, and Leonhard Euler and sudoku.


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