#3 Time

Do you have a few minutes?

That’s all it takes to solve a traditional lightweight sudoku crossword puzzle. For a moderate tough one it is 10 to 15 minutes, and a heavy sudoku has to think for up to an hour. Why? Because there is only one solution to a game, and if you write a wrong number and you do not notice it in time, the remaining empty cells may have bad numbers. Therefore, in each case, you should carefully consider which number should you place, since a number can only appear once in a horizontal, vertical, and 3 × 3 block.

6 670 903 752 021 073 000 000  Hoooow much?

If you have filled a sudoku fully, then you can play another one. You have a choice! But how much! You can choose from nearly 6 trillion traditional sudoku crossword puzzles as you like, and if you are professional, you’re all out!

Which one do you want to start with? With light, of course. If you do this, you have a guaranteed success experience! And how do you know how easy the game is? The number of predefined numbers shows the difficulty level. The more cells filled in the 9 × 9 grid, the easier it is to fill the residue. So it’s best to start with 80 numbers. Then 79, 78, 77, ..

The easiest is the traditional sudoku with 80 numbers. (image source: postershop.hu)

The most difficult version, where the pros are already bleeding when only 17 numbers are initially given. This is also called minimum-sudoku. With so many predefined numbers, you can still clearly fill out the puzzle, but in the current state of things, with less, you will not find a simple solution.

With 17 predefined numbers, you can still clearly fill out the puzzle.This is also called minimum-sudoku. (image source: wikipédia)

So you will become a professional sudoku puzzler when you load as many tables as fewer numbers are given first.

Be a sudoku-master! You have time yet!


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