#5 PB

The Sudoku Crossword in its present form began to spread first in Japan in 2000 and then in the whole world. It is popular since 2005, so that 2006 was already a world championship.

Jana Tylova

The first World Cup has hosted Lucca, Italy and a 31-year-old Czech accountant Jana Tylova won.

Zoltán Gyimesi, chess master

The Hungarians have already started the race. Zoltán Gyimesi chess master made the 12th place in the first of these competitions. Congratulations to her, so afterward!

Since then, the world championship that has been held every year has been in Hungary: in November 2011, the town of Eger hosted the VI. Sudoku World Championships.

Thomas Snyder

Individual competition was won by American Thomas Snyder, who left only one hair on the top of the podium in the first race. In the team competition, the Germans triumphed, and the Hungarian team won only the 19th place in the home draw.


The su3Doku, the idea of the sudoku cube, was born in 2008, after a lot of game of sudoku. I remember how much I wanted to go to Eger to show the cube to the contestants there, but eventually, I did not go. But I would have been very curious about what to do with this toy.

A huge dream would come true if we were able to organize a sudoku-cube contest for Sudoku fans. Because this game needs time too. Maybe a bit more than traditional paper sudoku. In the beginning, I needed a one and a half hour to unload the general 3x3x3 sudoku-cube by knowing the rules of the game and some tricks, but I’ve been close to 1 hour PB* since then.


What do you think, would you go too? Would you land it faster? Then imagine a place where hundreds of people compete and everyone plays with the sudoku-cube.

And imagine that you are there too.

Can you imagine?

I do. 🙂

* PB – personal best 


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